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Community Video
by Wendy Van Wynsberghe
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Very short film of a type of Opilones, a type of spider, showing some mating behaviour as he or she saw the reflection of him - or herself in the lens of the camera. The specific type of opilones is probably"Platybunus pinetorum".
Topics: Daddy Longlegs, Harvestmen, Platybunus pinetorum, Hooiwagen, spider
Prelinger Archives
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The spider is shown to be an engineer of great skill and versatility. There are an estimated 100,000 species of spiders. In this study four typical species are considered--the orb weaver, the bolas spider, the diving spider, the trapdoor spider.
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Topic: need keyword
Educational Films
by Reichert, Julia; Klein, James; New Day Films
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Cameraman, James Medalia Describes the socialization of the American woman through a personal look into the lives of six females ranging from kindergarten age to middle age. Shows the influence of such forces as parents, teachers, guidance counselors, the media, advertising, pop music, and marriage Summary Describes the physical and emotional changes that occur when a girl begins her menstrual cycle. Shows, using animated illustrations, the adult female anatomy, the reproduction cycle, and how...
Topics: 16mm Film, Educational Film, Women, Socialization, Women (Social sciences), Sex education, Human...
Living New Deal Project
by Department of Agriculture. Federal Extension Service
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A swimming instructor teaches a boy how to float and to swim. Illustrates, in detail, the different types of leg and arm motions used in recognized swimming styles. Emphasizes the need to build confidence in the novice swimmer. National Archives Identifier: 7415 Local Identifier: 33.546 Creator(s): Department of Agriculture. Federal Extension Service. (01/02/1954 - 04/13/1970) (Most Recent) From: Series : Motion Picture Films, compiled ca. 1915 - ca. 1959 * Record Group 33: Records of the...
Topics: Motion pictures, Swimming, Living New Deal